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Why Should You Use PTBOOKER?

...No membership fees, pay as you workout no matter your next destination


Find personal trainers and clients globally. Do you travel frequently? Search, find and book a PT before you get there. PT who travels? Have clients booked before you arrive at your next destination

Advanced Search Filter

Filter your search based on; Specialism, date, location, distance, cost rate and more

Group Booking

Buddy up with up to 6 people for a local training bootcamp session

Remote Live Training

Too cold to go outside? No problem, train live in realtime with your personal trainer

Advance bookings

Fill up your training calendar way ahead of your arrival.

InApp Messaging

Keep in contact with your personal trainer and clients hassle free

About PTBooker
About PTBooker

About PTBooker

PTBooker is a simple and reliable app that easily lends itself to the mobile and home based fitness enthusiast as well as personal trainers.

Whilst travelling you may often lose momentum with your training. PTBooker allows you to continue dedicated one-to-one personal training to compliment your programme whilst you are away from home.

Personal trainers who travel can find and book clients globally for face-to-face training. Potential clients can search via cost rate, location, availability and specialism.

PTBooker's amazing features includes;
No membership fees, pay as you workout - This is the biggest pay as you go gym in the world!

With our Live Remote Training, you can train with your personal trainer no matter where you are.

Find personal trainers expensive? Buddy up to a pair/group to reduce the cost

Some PTs will cover classes which you can join via the app.

Are you a personal trainer?
Are you a personal trainer?

Are you a personal trainer?

Start booking up your calendar with training session no matter where you may be.

Do you love traveling across the globe and training different people from different background and motivation drive?
PTBooker is here to connect you to fitness enthusiast across the globe.

Want to train a group of people together? No problem, you could offer a calendar slot with up to 20 places available for group training.

Clients can also book reoccurring appointments and pay in advance. Blocks can be booked (and deposit paid) for 6 or 8 week programmes.

With PTBooker you can also switch your account mode from personal trainer to client and vice versa.

So what are you waiting for? Download PTBooker now to start earning more as a Personal Trainer.


Book your Personal Trainer & Client whilst on the move; Pay, Train, Review, Repeat

Rating & Feedback

Trainers and clients can give feedback to each other

Calendar Repeat Appointments

Blocks can be booked (and deposit paid) for 6 or 8 week programmes


Verified By PTBooker

Certification badges for our top and reliable personal trainers

Smart Suggestion

Smart training and bootcamp suggestion based on your location, activities and preference


A glimpse into what PTBooker looks and feels like


Join our Beta Tester Community to be the first to try PTBooker.

What is BETA testing?

Beta testing is the process of making a product available for testing by real customers in their real environment prior to it’s release.

Why We Do a Beta test?

For us the product developer, testing helps us achieve a higher quality product and improve customer satisfaction. And for you the customer, beta testing offers a unique and exciting opportunity to be a part of the product development lifecycle and help improve it.

What to do, to participate?

Anyone is welcomed to participate. It is simple and fun, just signup by entering your name and email, then you will receive a welcome email with a 1 minute survey to complete.

Once PTBooker is ready for testing, you will be the first to get it

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